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Personality of a cancer sun, sagittarius moon, and aries rising woman?


If it's worth anything - my mercury is in leo (19 degrees), and venus is in leo (24 degrees)

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I'll be honest with those signs in your chart make you an extremely aggressive woman when you walk into a room you could easily dominate people with your strong personality, 9 times out of 10 you could manipulate almost anybody into doing what you want, You probably notice that alot of people are afraid to approach you or they are afraid to stand up to you cause of your strong personality sometimes people might even want to give you helpful advice but they are afraid if they tell you that there is something that you need to change in your life that you will get mad at them for their opinions also here is quick tip if you want your relationships to last with people you probably will need to be more gentle to the people around you cause 8 times out of 10 people you will meet in your lifetime will be nervous around you because they are afraid of your dominant personality. Also on a good note with those signs in your chart you are brave bold person so you will often see yourself in leadership positions

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    Every birthchart  has 40 to 50 factors in it, and each factor influences and alters the other factors. You have given us only 3 of those factors.

    As well, everyone has the ability to outgrow the influences of their birthchart, so no one can describe a stranger based on the entire birthchart, let alone just 3 of those factors. The birthchart is useful for self-understanding and for explaining what we observe in someone else.

    For reference, it is the 10 planets (sun and moon included) that ARE the person.  And before we even look at the Signs these planets are in, the first thing we do is to see how all these difference planets/inner-needs react and interact with each other. These are shown by the "angular aspects" between planets.

    And until we have considered how a planet relates to the rest of the personality, we cannot know if the person expresses the positive or negative side of whatever Sign/Style that need is in.

    So FIRST we look at all planets and the aspects they make among themselves.

    All we can say is that you get your sense of inner wholeness (Sun need) from being part of a family, or a group that feels like family (Canceer). How well or poorly you do this depends on how Sun is aspected.

    Your emotional reactions (Moon) ,, you try to be positive and optimistic, and use philosophical reactions as a way to try to keep cheerful (Sagittarius).

    Your Rising Sign is not your true nature. It is only the mask you put on when in a social situation where you are not yet comfortable. The less comfortable you are, the more you hide behind that mask, but once you do relax with the group, you set that mask aside and express your true self. Aries rising is very direct and open, and any reactions will rise up quickly but quickly be over with too .. but HOW they are direct will be indicated by their planets.  

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