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Best laptop/computers for $600? Coding?

I am on a $600 budget, and looking for a laptop or possibly desktop. I have never actually owned a computer before, as I have always had smartphones and ipads and school computers so I am very new. Basically I want something that is all-around decent, but I would love to be able to start learning how to code and stuff like that. So basically I do not want a chromebook. What can I get for $600? What should I be researching as far as software for coding? What types of specs should I be looking at for that. Some gaming would be nice, but I know gaming is more expensive and tbh I have an Xbox and don't really care about computer games or graphics or whatever. Just something I can use for school and getting into computer science type stuff. Thanks for any info!

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    for coding, you don't need anything too intense, but you can still get a pretty peppy computer for $600.

    get on Amazon, and look for a Core i5 with an SSD drive. there will be options on the left column for you to check once you search. the first thing you should do is type the max price in on that left column, and put in a min price of $450 (no laptop less than $450 is worth buying).

    after that, you can sort by price lowest, and browse the options.

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