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Puppy adoption question?

My husband and I went to a rescue to adopt a puppy 2 weeks ago,when we got there we had 3 litters to choose from, Shepard mix, pitbull mix and lab mixes. Since we are moving into a new apartment in Sept. and they have breed restrictions we didn’t want to have any issues moving in.

we called our apartment manager to ask what we should be looking at and she said the lab mixes were our only option. We fell in love with a 14 week old black and brown puppy but we were concerned she may have some shepherd in her and when we asked the “rescue helper” she reassured us her mom was a lab and all her paper work would say “lab mix” so we left feeling like we made a good choice. we had to wait 2 weeks to be able to pick her up until she was able to be spayed and when he got home and looked at her paper work .... it says “ROTTWEILER MIX”. Incredibly frustrated I emailed the rescue and told them the situation of how we were under the impression that she was a lab mix and all they could tell me was “we’re sorry you were given the incorrect information but her mom is a Rottweiler and most definitely NOT a lab so we can’t change the paperwork ” why was she put in the lab mix litter then? Why was I told she was a lab multiple times? my new puppy does not look like a full blooded Rottweiler and neither does her mom - they have Rottweiler colors but lab bodies and faces, even if she is mixed with Rottweiler why can’t they just change the paper work to lab mix for me? Is there anything I can do?

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    If you were a married adult as you say. Then you would realise how to spell the word shepHerd, correctly  

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    You can return the puppy now because if management told you Lab mix only, then you got the wrong puppy.  Management will know its not a lab mix due to the coloring.  I would take the puppy back and pick out another puppy.

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    Don't look at ANY mix-bred puppy if your accommodation has restrictions on breed/type.   With a mix, you simply don't KNOW what the mix consists of.

    Further, unless the apartment is on the ground floor with a private outside area, with an unvaccinated puppy you won't be able to take it outside onto public areas from the get go, which you need to unless you want it to take forever to get a puppy housetrained

    Regardless of what the apartment management told you - and in any case, I'd not want a mix of any kind - Labrador or nothing.   Again please think about what you are doing re where in the block the new apartment is.   Otherwise you'll be staggering up and down stairs (elevator?) with a big puppy every couple of hours and at least once overnight.   And your puppy won't have the ability to run around (in a decent outside space) so it's not cooped up in an apartment.

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    You are asking them to commit fraud.  Don't be ridiculous.  You should not have purchased ANY of those breeds.  None are suitable for an apartment.  Those dogs all need a yard in which to exercise their muscles.  You are going to have behavioral problems with it, cooped up in an apartment.  Lease walking is NOT enough.  Re-home it asap and get a TOY breed.  Not even a medium sized dog.  A TOY breed.

    Source(s): Dog breeder for several years & owner of dogs for decades.
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    1 - Buy and submit a dog DNA kit;

    2 - Be honest with the rescue, explain the situation and return the dog TO THEM;

    3 - Tell the rescue that what you were told and the papers do not match;

    4 - It's shepHERD;

    5 - I think "lab mixes only" is discriminatory OR are they taking about specific breeds or sizes;

    6 - My dog is German Shepherd and Rott.  Her rescue papers say German Shepherd and Pit Bull.  I had DNA done.  She's GSD and Rott.  The papers are wrong.

    I feel sorry for the dog - adopted and returned.  This happens ALL the time in the rescue where I volunteer.

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    If you cannot keep the breed then your available option is to return the pup and pick one of the lab mixes.

    Bring the pup back to the rescue, explain to them that you ere assured the pup was a lab cross not rotti, and you were surprised when the papers arrived stating the pup was a rotti mix.  I’m very surprised that you did not have to sign any papers before picking up the pup or at the time you got the pup.  I have never known any rescue or adoption facility to send papers after an adoption, and also surprised you did not have to sign any first.

    If you did sign the papers it’s simply buyer beware, you should always read what you sign, even when buying a car, Some dealers have been known to switch vehicles on people.  Though what happened may have been as simple as a mis informed volunteer at the rescue They should be at least willing to help you and let you switch puppies. 

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    It is doubtful they can do that and (IMO) LEGALLY -OUGHT NOT TO, because they SAY they KNOW the mother was a Rottie.  And in that Rotties are NOT on the "approved list" of breeds for your rental - the misidentified (BY THEM) puppy must go back.  

    The puppy could end up BEING the size of, and/or developing a LOT MORE ROTTIE CHARACTERISTICS - than you SEE NOW!  It very likely - it won't pass muster and then.... WHERE would you be - but EVICTED or FINED!  

    Have you even checked your OWN insurance company's policies on dogs?  (You ought to have renter's insurance, which may or may not be LINKED to your CAR insurance - for a lower rate.)  MANY of them will not "cover" any dog-related incident, if you have a dog on THEIR RESTRICTION LIST - (which *surprise, surprise* looks  LOT LIKE the rental unit's forbidden breed list.)

    Please go to adopt from a BREED SPECIFIC rescue group, or get a small Heinz 57 mix - NOBODY can ID - if you "MUST" have a puppy - which of course may RUIN a new apartment if not housebroken and may SCREAM the place down - if either of you work.  I have been doing rescue for years and I DO NOT EVER suggest puppies - for apartments!!!!

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    Your only option is to return the puppy to the rescue organization. This happens. Almost all dog that go to rescue groups that are not solely for a specific breed (like a greyhound rescue) and not going to have good data on the breed backgrounds of the puppies. The likelihood of the dog having a pit bull, Rottweiler, or Shepard in the mix is very high.  Most apartments will not allow dogs with what people consider aggressive or  potentially dangerous breed mixes.

    Again, you need to return the puppy or buy a house.  When you look again, look for a rescue organization that deal with just the breed(s) that are approved. 

  • Amber
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    Looks like your only option is to return the puppy under their error and ask for a Lab mix. You don't want to cross the breed restrictions on your new rental. It was their error and if they are a decent place they should be happy to help. 

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    Return the pup & ask them to, please, exchange pups & tell them the reason.  Go there, talk face to face with rescue person.  If they are a decent place they should understand & cooperate with you.  You cannot keep the pup they gave you but you can have one of the other pups that are available.  Good luck.

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