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Do antibiotics weaken immune system ? ?

I got my wisdom tooth pulled and dentist prescribed me clindamycin . I been feeling great ever since i got over being sick back in February . Will this weaken my immune system if i take them for a week ? 

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    I’m not quite sure why people who are saying no they don’t are even answering your question because they are just flat out lying to you. Yes, absolutely antibiotics weaken your immune system tremendously. It’s seems that most of the time doctors and dentist hand out antibiotics just to prevent a infection from happening.. which should be illegal. You’re body is an incredible thing and it is consistently keeping an eye out for ways to heal itself.. if you have a strong immune system then whatever infection may try to rise from your teeth being pulled WILL be fought off by your bodies amazing defense system. If you take those antibiotics as a “just in case” then those nasty man made poisons in a pill form will kill ALL your gut bacteria..even the good guys that are responsible for keeping the bad guys in check. There are ways to try and replenish your gut bacteria(which are probably the most important thing you need in your body to be a healthy person)such as taking a good quality probiotic or eating probiotic rich food, but I think it’s best to not massacre them all in the first place. 

    A good example for you from my personal experiences.. last February I was in the hospital for 3 days after I had a pretty serious surgery on my right arm.. when I left the hospital the doctor prescribed me 7 days worth of antibiotics and I was told to take all of them.. not to stop taking them before they were all gone. I decided that I have had way too many health issues due to being over prescribed antibiotics(such as persistent UTIs and such)so I didn’t ingest a single one. Instead I went out and got a super good quality probiotics and started to take those once a day and I never got an infection. In fact my arm healed quickly and quite nicely because I allowed my body to do what it’s meant to do- to heal itself. And I still alive to write this answer. That’s just one example obviously but it proves that your life is NOT on the line if don’t take those pills because my surgery was pretty serious. Anyways, I apologize for writing a book about this I’m just somewhat passionate about the topic of antibiotics and probiotics and gut bacteria because it has affected my life so heavily in a number of negative ways because of the fact that doctors are completely irresponsible in the way they hand out such a powerful medicine.. prescribing it as if it were candy or something, in my opinion anyways, and it just makes me so angry. 

    So obviously I’m not a medical professional so take my opinion for what it is but I do suggest that you do some research into these topics and see for yourself the pros and cons. But I personally feel it’s unnecessary for your situation and your body is far better off not ingesting man made poison and just allowing it to defend itself.. after all, that’s what your immune system is for!

    Oh and just one more thing I just thought of..antibiotics are someone fairly new on the scene in terms of how long the human population has been around and I think one thing people don’t really ever stop to think about is what those pharmaceuticals are doing to the rest of our insides when we take them. Obviously there have been no loooonnnggg term studies on people looking for unintended harmful illnesses or side effects from taking antibiotics frequently, or even just a few times.. and I think one reason is nobody is viewing antibiotics as a bad thing which needs to be more harshly scrutinized for safety but also because I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies make a pretty penny off of antibiotics alone so looking into long term affects and safety could and almost certainly would be bad for business.I guess I’m just trying to say that we have no way of knowing how these antibiotics are truly affecting our health and our bodies(or any pharmaceuticals for that matter!)and I would bet money that they are actually pretty dangerous and contribute to illness such as cancer, but it probably just takes longer for something like that to happen and then the conditions have to be just right. But even if that were the case how could we ever know that the antibiotics, or pharmaceuticals were actually to blame for someone becoming chronically ill or even dying? We couldn’t ever I don’t know. It’s a slippery slope, at best. I just think it’s safe to assume that most of what man makes is going to be toxic, or not safe to consume without playing Russian roulette with your health. I forgot who said this quote.. I really wish I could remember his name but he had said something along the line of “If man made it then don’t eat it!” I think that quote sums up my ridiculously long answer quite nicely. Good luck with everything!

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    Antibiotics do not deplete your immune system. They are used to FIGHT INFECTION because your immune system CAN'T. Infections are often acute--meaning they crop up suddenly, spike fast, and cause other issues--until they are knocked down by medicines like antibiotics. If you didn't take them after surgery, you might have worse problems down the road--and infections in your jaw, mouth or near your brain can easily cause HUGE problems. They do not have lasting effects on the immune system since they are not used for more than a single problem.  

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    Antibiotics don't "weaken" your immune system, they prevent infections. 

    Take the antibiotics unless you want to end up w a serious infection.

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    antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. Your symbiotic bacteria in your gut are killed, too - and these are your main immune system....So - yes! antibiotics kill your immune system! 

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    have no way of knowing that. I can't compare you're positive experience to my quite negative experience......for many years too.....

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    They do to a point yes. You need to get plenty of sunshine and vitamin c, things too build up immune system

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    no no they will not

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