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8 year age gap big for siblings? ?

My son will be 8 in September and he’s my only child. My husband and I have both been busy doing life and making memories. Last month I mentioned I wanted another baby and he said he did too and that was it! 

My son has mentioned he wants a little brother or sister since he was 5. So I know he would be over the moon.

I never thought anything of it up until yesterday. A friend of mine text me saying imagine how embarrassing it will be for my son when he’s older for having a younger siblings that’s 8 years younger. It startled me and I didn’t know what to reply. I asked her what did she mean. She said usually people have their kids close together and she said she wouldn’t bother having anymore now because her two sons are older. She in a way called me selfish for even thinking to have another one because of my sons age. 

Is this true? I’ve never thought anything of it. Now I’m doubting myself. Idk if I’m being silly but it’s really made me think hard! I have 3 siblings and we are all close together & most of my friends & cousins have kids with a close age gap. 

Is 8 years too big? 

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    Tell those people to shove it; first of all, your child doesn't get to decide if you have another child or not that's out of his realm of control. Second, perhaps some children who've been exposed to adults with **** attitudes would be embarrassed, however, I've worked with kids for years and no 8 year old (or older) whose mothers became pregnant were embarrassed by it. My own cousins are more than ten years apart, the older never had an issue except normal sibling stuff like his little sister is annoying because that's what little sisters do. So, no, 8 years is not too big a gap between children. 

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    Not to me.But to others,maybe.

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    The greater the age gap, the less problem there is with sibling rivalries and such. Don't worry about it.

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    Forget about another child at this time, too late...your children will not have a good relationship, they will grow distant from each other, believe me, I know. And no, not all siblings get along. I have 3 sisters that I have zero contact with for the past 15 years, I do not care, and I never think of them, they could die and id not care. They are dead to me now. listen to your husband. Your son will be in High school by the new kid starts kindergarten...what do you think they will have in common? They will not be in each others lives. Your son will have a entirely different life from the new one. Friends, boy friends, girl friends,sports, college, with some young kid sibling at home. You will not be doing your son any favors.

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    i dont think so

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    8 years is fine.  My beat friend is 10 years older than his two siblings, and they’re super close.  Be a loving parent and forget about your rude friend.  Good luck and best wishes on your journey to second time parenthood!

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    dude, none of that matters. it is a moot concern.

    i've know people with 14 years between kids that turned out just fine.

    more important is good parenting...

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