Certificate of achievement, what is that?

I noticed my community college offers certificates of achievement (I think for training or technical education). I am not sure what those are but I always thought they were add ons to a degree but some people are saying they can be used in lieu of a degree to get a career.

Which is better for a career, a certificate of achievement or a degree bachelor's? I currently have an associate's in English and not sure if that will lead to anything lucrative.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Very good, these are the EXACT kinds of questions you need to be asking.  In the vast majority of cases, having an actual degree is more likely to yield something lucrative than a mere certificate.  However, there are some times that a certificate might be very lucrative in and of itself, such as in various programming languages.

    That being said, you have recognized that an English degree is not exactly your best bet for developing and showcasing skills that are in demand on the employment market.  It is below liberal arts as the second worst degrees for finding a job. Is that to say that you cannot find careers that an English degree would be great for?  Of course not.  However, you would be competing with other degrees, like those in the social sciences that combine the writing and analytical skills you get in English with quantitative analysis that you just don't get as a typical English major.

    So unless you are committed to teaching, technical writing, or some sort of editing or content management position, you might want to reconsider English and go for something with more in demand skills.

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