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Should I fight for my child when ?

I haven’t seen my daughter in 7 months due to her mother blocking all contact with me after us breaking up from a toxic relationship that I was probably to blame. For the first year and a half I did everything a dad should and saw her everyday. Stupidly I was stubborn and refused to fight for my daughter when her mom refused me to see her. I was in hostels as I gave up my apartment to live with her I recently lost my job and then covid happened and I was in a bad place. My daughters 2 and I’ve came to realise I’m not giving up on her but how can I fight for my daughter when she most likely doesn’t have a clue who I am. It’s heartbreaking that I’d be a complete stranger to her I don’t think I can do it as much as I want to be a dad to her building a relationship with her seems so hard. Has anyone else been though something similar I’m struggling. 

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    If you intend to have contact with you child file an immediate complaint with cfs or welfare ask the judge to appoint attorney alledge child alienation  document your non drug use with a dr the other person will alledge your unfit because of drugs. So get a  clean bill of mental health and psychological health any clean drug test and make the complaint to CFS it is not a crime to be broke and poor! nor does not prove that you're an unfit parent if you intended to see the child fight for her now

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    I suppose...........

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    No, you don't want that can of worms in your life.

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    Pray to GOD and ask GOD about this. GOD already knows ALL! 

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