Is there a look for the average Yahoo News commenter?

A week ago a guy died from corona and he made a post online saying don’t be an idiot like him because he went to a party and knew there was a risk of getting it. He was 51 and was heavy and one guy said he looks like 2/3 of the guys who post on Yahoo News comments.

Would you say there’s a certain look to a poster of Yahoo News, or any site and if there is one where you think there’s a look what site and how do they usually appear?

I actually had to post this question five times, twice on here and three

 times on here and didn’t get any response, partly due to time, so I had to make it sound more inclusive or interesting. 

1 Answer

  • Erik
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I don't think he said it online, I think he said it to a doctor who quoted him.  As far as how anyone looks, how could you possibly know that?  You definitely have a lot of older people on here, because they are retired, and have nothing else to do.

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