Should I kick Santa Claus out my house?

I'm playing Sims 4 and when Christmas came around and Santa showed up, I asked Santa to live with me because I thought it would be cool to live with Santa Clause but then his named changed to Landyn McDonald after he came to live with me. Now he's just some fat guy in my house and I have no manual control over him. I waited for Christmas again to see if he changes into Santa Claus or a new Santa Claus would spawn but I left the game running and miss that day. I have two robots living with me and my teen girlfriend has our baby on the way. Supergirl is forever a teen. I've set the pregnancy to 9 in game month and it's taking for ever for her to give birth. Hopefully there is no glitch and she doesn't stay pregnant forever. Anyways. Should I kick Santa Claus out if he's not Santa Claus any more?

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago
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    thats up to you

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