Why is manager over hiring? To fire?

I just started working as a cashier at this clothing store a few days ago. Today, I overheard the manager telling someone on the phone that our team counts just as many employees as another store of the same chain would have in the holidays. I later heard her tell another employee that the store was still 


But, from what I see, we're way more than enough...

Does that mean she's over hiring because she's planning on firing those she finds not as competent? It scares me because she often scolds me for not being proactive but, as I said, sometimes there is just nothing left to do close to the cash register. I'm also kind of shy so I don't give the best customer service.Please help. If this is the case, I have to start job searching again now 😔...


I do clean around but sometimes there’s nothing left to clean. Sometimes, I’ll even clean it all over again to look proactive but it’s just ridiculous...

Update 2:

I do greet customers with a smile, ask them if they found everything they were looking for, wish them a good day but I’m shy as in I’m not going to strike up a conversation about how I love the shirt they bought or how their baby’s cute. I’m just not like that...

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  • You have to find things to do, you shouldn't be standing around doing nothing. Do some cleaning, dusting things like that. Show that you have taken some initiative. You're going to have to get over being shy too, if you don't give good customer service a customer can complain about that.

    Retail is all most always hiring. Some times people quit by not showing up, or they find another job. Or they need people to cover for other employees when they can't work. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Not necessarily.  Retail tends to have a high turnover rate.  Mostly they're part-time jobs for students, people between jobs, people who can't get jobs anywhere else and people who can't work full-time hours for whatever reason.  It's a stop-gap job for many.  People don't stick around long so they tend to overhire because they know many of them will leave in a couple months anyway.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Maybe..., or It's to have enough to cover illnesses, etc., and so that they don't have to hire new employees when the holidays come.

  • 3 weeks ago

    you need to ask him this question

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