Is America too soft on crime?

In Muslim middle eastern countries if you steel you get your hand chopped off, so if we were to put people who steel here in some sort of harm's way other than being in jail for a day, if we were to allow police to handcuff them to the wall and beat them with a belt do you think they'd think twice about steeling again?

2 Answers

  • No but parents are too soft on their kids. I remember growing up I was spanked, had my mouth washed out with soap and even a belt applied to my bare bottom. And I deserved it too. Now if a parent decides to be a parent, they get arrested and their children taken away. 

    American and most of western society is the way it is because parents aren't allowed to beat their kid's azzes anymore for acting out.

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Amputation is only used as a punishment in four middle eastern nations so this is hardly universal. I guess the good news for criminals in these places is that once they've undergone this penalty it's impossible to handcuff them in the future. 

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