Ever purchase a digital album by one of your favorite bands even though you weren't crazy about it after sampling it?

If there's an artist and I loved their previous album/albums - then when I sample their new album and I'm like "Um, ya, not really that great." - occasionally I'll purchase it anyways because a. I'm hoping it'll grow on me (which it usually doesn't) b. I'm trying to support a band I love.

Then songs from that not great album end up getting into my playlist occasionally - and I'll be like "I really don't know why I purchased that album." BUT I know, I'll probably do it again in the future because I think it's really important to support musicians by legally downloading their music - and I feel like if I don't support that musician for the album I don't like - they might not be able to make another album, which could be potentially as great or better than their first album (s).

Anyone else deal with this dilemma?

Feel free to share (or not) examples of musician and the disappointing album.

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  • Chad
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    3 weeks ago
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    Husker Du's "Candy Apple Grey" is probably the least listened to cd in my Husker Du collection. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    I sample BEFORE I buy

  • 3 weeks ago

    yes, there are many disappointing albums by artists that I love, but in fact I'll never buy these albums that I tell you (a small example list):

    Metallica - all discography after the black album

    A perfect circle - "Eat the Elephant"

    Alcest - "Shelter" , "Spiritual Instinct"

    Lustre - "The Ashes of Light"

    Interpol - "El pintor", "Marauder"

    Megadeth - "So Far, So Good... So What!"

    Mogwai - "Every Country's Sun"

    Morbid Angel - "Kingdoms Disdained"

    Nirvana - "Bleach"

    Placebo - "Loud Like Love"

    Rome - "Hall of Thatch", "Le ceneri di Heliodoro"

    Litfiba (italian band) - all discography after "17 re"

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