How do I keep going?

I’m 29 turning 30 in October married 4 kids ranging between 2-8 None attend school I have no skill that I can translate into a business or career I smoke ciggerrettes weed and I’m tired of the way I live just lost my minimum wage job can’t get hired anywhere bills up the *** my wife is a 5th grade drop out who is paranoid about vaccines and she believes school is like prison she is embarrassingly stupid I have no control over decisions I get put down spit on everyday and I’ve gotten advice to leave but have no money no where to stay I don’t talk to family and I want to just lay down and die I have no motivation to live anymore feels like I’m bored and pissed off with life I can’t get interested in anything I want to die please someone give me any type of advice

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Stay strong- your kids need you. You saying you're tired of the way you live is a good thing because you're ready for change. I understand you're ashamed of your wife- if you love her, you need to respect her. I'm sure you're not the only one that get "spit" on every day- If she is the way you describe her, she must be feeling pretty bad about herself just as you feel bad about yourself. I wish you both the best of luck. My only advice is to practice interview questions, smile and do your best in interviews and don't settle on minimum wage. Start by asking 5-8 dollars more than you are making now. You will be surprised that a lot of employers will say yes to it. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    u re 29 and have not one, not 2, but  FOUR  children and the elder is 8 years old, means u had sex with a girl when u were 20 and got a baby when u were 21. so instead of getting your sh1t together and getting some sort of an education and a better job u decided to produce 3 more children. i think there is no one to blame but  YOU. and who told u to leave? so what about  YOUR CHILDREN U PRODUCED? who is going to take care of them if u leave? no fcking way, u should  STAY and put your life on tracks. how i do not know - i m not a magician. normal people study, get a job and a place and  THEN start impregnating   little girls 5 grade drop outs. and why the 8 year old is not attending school? what is that family of yours like that hik family in simpsons? she should get on a pill, u should stop producing children, when shildren little bit older she should also get a job. YOU created your life.  YOU alone. it is too late now to start wanting to die - u have responsibility, these children of yours ain't gonna feed themselves

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