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Son packed up and moved out without warning?!?

Our 22-year-old son packed up all his things left overnight while my wife and I were sleeping 2 weeks ago. We know he's safe - I saw him driving the other day - but we have no idea where he went in terms of shelter. He won't return any calls or messages. My wife and I are worried about him, and the thought that perhaps we did something to cause him to hit the road like this makes us both tremendously sad. Even if he doesn't want to come home, we just want to talk to him. How can we get him to talk to us??

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  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    i dont think you can force him to talk to you, just pray he will

  • g
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    3 weeks ago

    Surely there were clues before he moved out, something that may have indicated why he'd leave that way? Confrontations, demands, arguments maybe? And now not talking to you at all ... Think.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I'm sorry that happened that way. Sometimes we cant control kids even when we know whats best for them. If he ran away, reaching out would only drive him further away ( I assume). The moment he returns, which there's a high possibility he will, don't get in a fight, ask if everything is alright and just be honest with what you said on this site. Ask him his thoughts on why he ran away, if you guys did anything that provoked him- if this is something that could be fixed. It could just be wild hormones too. But also state in the very end that you're glad he came back, you're glad he's safe, but moving forward scaring you guys like that with no communication is a big no no living under your roof. If he's not going to behave under your roof, he can just move out. 22 is a great age to move out and experience the world. 

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