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Would this be the best way to schedule my meals to help lose weight?

Since I do not have the best schedule for optimal nutrition at given times. I was thinking that I should actually start doing intermittent fasting. What this means that I will only be eating two meals a day at most and some times even just one depending on the day. I was thinking of my eating window to be from 2pm to 9pm as that works well with my work. 

First meal of the day will be at 2pm or 4pm depending on the day. Some days I work short shifts and do not get a lunch break. Then dinner will happen between 6pm to 9pm. It all depends on work and I could be getting off work as late as 8pm or so. 

By the way I work 5 days a week from 10:30am to either 4pm, 7pm, or 9pm. 

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    I would do two things . First I would take a very close look at the amount of carbs I was consuming and I would not eat the last meal so late . Instead consider eating the first at noon and the second by 6 PM.

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