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Which NFL Record Breaking Records Never Created Or Achieved?

(1) 600 Passing Yards In A Game By A Quarterback (2) 60 Touchdown Passes By A Quarterback (3) 400 Rushing Yards By A Running Back (4) 50 Consecutive Games With A Touchdown By A Quarterback (5) 30-Sack Season By A Linebacker Or (6) 15 Interceptions In A Game By A Wide Receiver Or Safety 


Ask Cu Tie And Still As Of 2020 Via ESPN Stats And Info And Elias Sports Bureau 

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    The only record that has been achieved is #4, as Drew Brees (54, 2009-2012), Tom Brady (52, 2010-2013), and Peyton Manning (51, 2010-2014) have done it. #6 is pretty much an impossibility, but the others are can be achieved (especially #1 and #2, with Patrick Mahomes, as I wouldn't be surprised if he threw for 600 yards in a game or 60 touchdown passes in a season).

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