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Arizona Animal Welfare League appointments for COVID-19?

Trying to find out how strict they are with appointments for adopting dogs. My wife and I are interested and they only do appointments on weekends but book up very fast on Monday morning but the lady didn't say what time. I know some places (like Banks) day aloneness only but if you show up they let you do what you are there for. Just wondering if they will turn us away.

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    4 weeks ago

    I'm in AZ.  It's a responsible organizations and follows the rules.  I have no idea what "... day aloneness only ..." means.  Yes, they will turn you away if you do not have an appointment or are early or late.

    The VOLUNTEERS do not take any chances with Covid-19.

    (Thank you for rescuing.)

  • 4 weeks ago

    I have no idea about what goes on in Arizona.  I have no idea how the outfit does their adopting, I know nothing about the place you are adopting from.  This is the World Wide Web & there may be on one from Arizona posting today.  Your search is a local search.  Use your phone.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yahoo is a world wide website.  Please check the AAWL's website ONLINE for rules & regulations for adoption, and if you still have questions, CALL THEM and ask your questions of the GROUP or shelter(s) you are working with.  Rules & procedures for adoption (especially re: Covid-19) VARY WIDELY and may have changed.  Nobody on this board can be expected to know, unless they WORK THERE.

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