Are there any chinese flying lantern experts out there?

I was sitting about a mile from the mouth of a river on the shore. It was a warm summer evening. Looking south towards the mouth I saw an orange light coming up the river at least a thousand feet up. It followed the river until it came to a bridge where the highway crossed and then it turned east and followed the highway until it went out of sight a few miles away. A couple minutes after it disappeared another one came in and did the exact same thing. I would say that each one was in visible range about 10 minutes. They were already at altitude when they came into sight and they faded in the distance, they didn't go out. They were orange like a flame but visually they were a sphere with no details or flickering. 

When I first saw them it never occurred to me that they could be Chinese lanterns, now I'm wondering if they could be. They didn't seem to look or act quite like Chinese lanterns. Also I thought the wind went out towards the sea at night, however they went directly over the river upriver and turned 90 degrees exactly over the highway and followed over it until they went out of sight. 

Only answers from people who know something about wind, weather or Chinese lanterns please.

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  • It could have come from Thailand up at Chiang Mai during the lantern festival.   Even the airport has to close down when this happens.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I have read every book and article about Chinese Lanterns, and it doesn't sound like them. I've personally seen chinese government drones that look just like lanterns in Gary, IN spraying chemtrails outside my local Tractor Supply Co. Next time you see one of those things, I would think about taking a few warning shots at it so those intellectual property thieves get the idea.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I am a Chinese Lantern Expert

    I can also report that what you saw was the Bionic Barf Bunnies who are doing River Patrol now

  • 4 weeks ago

    Highways tend to be hotter than the surrounding country so they generate a series of updrafts. These updrafts are very noticeable if you are in an ultralight aircraft. The updraft will cause a change of direction in the wind from the surrounding areas.

    So yep, Chinese lanterns are an excellent explanation.

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