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I had my last cycle two weeks earlier than I should have. Now this month I am 3 days late. The usual signs of my period are tender breast, cramping and acne around my mouth. 

As of right now I only have acne and a sort of upset stomach. 

On June 30th my significant other and I have intercourse and we were using the pull out method and he said he didn’t know if some got inside.

However I took a test 4 days ago and a test yesterday which both were negative. 

I might of had some cramping yesterday and in the morning however I haven’t started yet. 

Is it normal for your period to be 2 weeks early after being regular for years? 

I also moved cities recently and just started a new job after not working for 3 weeks. 

I’m 21 and I weigh 115 and I’m 5’ 4”. 

Should I take another test or should I just wait for my cycle to begin? I haven’t had any nausea, no over tiredness, no cravings, nothing to point to pregnancy. 

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    Breakthrough bleeding is any bleeding that happens when a period is not expected.  When you had a "period" that was two weeks early - that was probably not an actual period.  An actual period is the shedding of the uterine lining because ovulation did not result in pregnancy.  

    At two weeks after the previous period - it would have not been the right time for ovulation to have happened and another period be due - that means you had breakthrough bleeding from an unknown cause.  Breakthrough bleeding can be anything from some spots to seeming like a period to even heavier than a period.  It can last for anything from seeing it once to lasting so long you must seek medical attention to find out what is happening.  In your case - it seemed like a period even though it wasn't.

    This bleeding event might have caused a hormone imbalance that delayed your ovulation.  Late ovulation will cause a late period.

    It was too soon for a pregnancy test to be reliable.  It can take anything between 14 to 21 days after sex to get an accurate positive result.  So - your current negative result may or may not be right.  Wait another week and test again if a period hasn't happened.  Pregnancy symptoms or lack of pregnancy symptoms mean nothing.  You can be pregnant and have no symptoms.  Pregnancy symptoms is just how your body is reacting to the changing hormones.  (I had no symptoms for the first four months of my first pregnancy.  The missing period was the only "symptom")

    If your periods and your bleeding keeps happening at random and unpredictable times - talk to your doctor.  If you have any unusual or severe pain - be sure to talk to your doctor.

    Even if you don't contact your doctor - keep track of ALL bleeding - how much - how long it happened - what date it happened - track that for at least three to six months to find out if you have a problem or just a changing pattern.  Periods can change patterns over time.  Even if you had a regular 28 day cycle in the past - your cycle could change and become slightly longer or shorter - and that is still okay - as long as it goes back to an actual pattern and doesn't continue to have random bleeding at times when a period isn't due to happen.  Keeping track of your bleeding patterns and issues can help your doctor determine what to check on first in some cases.  If you are embarrassed to actually talk about all this to the doctor - then write it down so that they can read it.

    This might have been a one time thing.  It might not happen again.  

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