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What does the song the sound of silence mean?

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    I think he is saying that the poor and the ordinary men do not have a voice in our materialistic society. The poor live in run down and overcrowded tenements and they ride the subway. The only way they can express themselves is to write graffiti on subway and tenement walls but in the city businesses have a monopoly on messages because they own the neon signs.Their message is to spend money on merchandise.  Bowing and praying to the neon god they made is people worshiping materialism. Money is god. Ten thousand people may be more cannot make any sound because politicians and people in power are hearing without listening.

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    “The Sound of Silence” is a great song that I love, and it is highly intelligent and poetic. The song uses the imagery of light and darkness to show how people's ignorance and apathy destroys their ability to communicate even on simple levels.

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    Whatever you think it means. Listen to it and take whatever meaning from it you decide. Or, you could do a little research, see what the 'experts' say about it, or even do some deeper research to find interviews where Paul Simon was asked about the lyrics, why he wrote what he did, what point he was trying to make, if any.  I assume there may have been, and possibly after the fact. Many poets and songwriters have to analyze their own stuff after they write it, to see if they can answer why they wrote it. Because at the time, they didn't have any clear idea of why, it just came out.

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    What does it mean to you? 

    Songs, art, poetry....can all mean something different to each individual. 

    Listen to "Sounds of Silence", and conclude what it you.

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    it the story of a young man and his black friend

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