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Bad thrush. 31 weeks pregnant.?

I've been in pain the last 2 weeks down there and put it down to having varicose veins. However I've started to have discharge and a really swollen vagina. Doctor prescribed me a pesasary and cream to go out the outer area. I put the pessasary in last night but don't know if I put it up far enough as I could still feel it, when I went to pull it out to insert it higher, half of it crumbled in my hands. I've woken up this morning in agony and my vagina is really swollen and hurts to touch. Doctors is shut for the weekend. Would you recommend putting in another pessasary ? Any help would be appreciated as I'm in a lot of pain

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    You have already seen the Dr.  But you need to inform him of your changing state and ask his advice on how to proceed.  But there really are some natural things that can help you out of the pain.  Applying raw onion slices to swollen tissues can really cool and sooth away the pain changing them as needed to keep up the effect.  Also hot and cold water treatments can bring relief as well..  Not too hot and not too cold.  Hot being about 110 degrees and cold being about 60 to 70 degree water.  I'll be praying God blesses you in your situation.

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    I'm at a loss, but maybe this will help:https://www.webmd.com/women/guide/understanding-va...

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    At this point, since you are heavily pregnant, you go to the emergency room or to urgent care to get checked out.  That is NOT normal.  Do not put in any more medicine, a swollen vagina during pregnancy can be due to more than just a thrush infection.  It could be dangerous to your baby as well if this is left without antibiotics, for this reason see a doctor ASAP.

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