Shelbae asked in HealthWomen's Health · 3 weeks ago

Sore breasts, Unexplained bruises on arms and knees, sore left buttock cheek. ?

19 (f) Caucasian. 5’9”- 180 pounds.

So I just got off my period around yesterday so I can’t be pregnant by the way...but I noticed in the shower that my breast were super sore at the top and to the side. I’m not sure why?? They didn’t hurt before or during my period. I’m noticing that my left buttock cheek is super sore like I’ve been working out, but I haven’t. And lastly, I have a bunch of small blue bruises going down my arm and a few on my legs. I know all these areas are so random and different, but something is going on and doesn’t make any sense of what it could be. Everything else feels fine and no other weird symptoms.

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  • KatieC
    Lv 5
    3 weeks ago

    It sounds like you might be anemic.

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