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Do white liberals actually want slavery reparations paid to black people knowing that black people will no longer vote democrat?

If reparations for slavery were paid to black people it would be in the millions of dollars per black person. Every black person having millions of dollars means that most black people would vote republican to avoid paying high taxes. So do white liberals want reparations for slavery paid to black people?

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    of course not, but it's great just before any election, if reparations were paid it could not be used anymore, and I don't know where you're getting the million dollar payouts from THEY have always been very careful to never say how much should be paid or even how or who would get it.

    think about if your parent were killed and you sued you get the money your kids don't,

    using the average lawsuit as a guide they would figure a amount per person (slave) and that amount would be divided up somehow for there children, so if 2 people were related to a slave they would each get half, but if 20 people were related it would be divided by 20, so some might get a $million and others only $100.000.

    also not all blacks would get money some came to the US after slavery was over, they would get nothing, just trying to figure out who was related to former slaves would take years,  

    and really have you even seen what happens when there is a death in the family? Aunts, Uncles, and cousins you never hear of show up wanting to get money, furniture, and anything else they can, even close family will fight over who gets what, and something like that would happen with reparations

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    1) I don't think anyone is considering paying "millions of dollars per black person".

    2) The wealthiest Americans, such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc., tend to be liberal and probably vote Democratic.

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    won't happen.  voting Dim in now ingrained in the culture of the underclass, whether Black, White, Latino, or other

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    Payment of reparations would require thousands of new Federal employees to "administer" the program - - most of the money would go to white collar slackers, and Black Americans would get sh!t-on again

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