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Solve this rent question for me please ?

My rent is due on the 15th of each month, which was the same date I get paid from work. My pay date has now changed to the 20th of each month, so I asked my landlord if I can pay my rent then instead. He said yes, as long as I pay an extra £70 on top of it for this month to cover the ‘free days’ I would have. I’m not the best at maths hence why I’m coming here for an answer 😂 but surely I’m not getting any ‘free days’ as long as my rent is still paid every month regardless of the date?correct me if I’m wrong 

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    The first month, you are getting 5 free days.  But after that, you're not.  And overall, the landlord is still getting the same total amount over the course of the lease.  Your landlord is just being greedy, but you do have a contract with him that specifies the 15th as the rent due date; he has the right to charge a late fee but really is just being a jerk.

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    Ask, your landlord or look on your Rental Agreement/Lease if there is a 5-day Grace Period........if there is - then you won't have a problem.

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    No what’s can be done 

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    You're not wrong, and it seems your landlord's extra charge may be usurious. (Meaning too expensive or overly expensive.) I suppose it's considered a "late charge" on your usual payment. No, you're not getting 'free days' you're paying late, which is not the same. 

    I would talk to him again. He's getting the rent every month--and maybe you should pay a late fee for waiting another 5 days--but perhaps he will be amenable to cutting down the amount of that late fee. Does your lease state you must pay a late charge to him if your rent is late? If so, you may not have any options. You ARE paying late. If it doesn't, maybe you could work something out. Maybe he could pro-rate the payment for you. 

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    No, there are no "free days" and there's no reason you should have to change the date you pay your rent. If you're so broke that you don't have at least one months rent in reserve, then pay the late fee for one month. After that just use your pay from the 20th to pay rent the next month. It's not rocket science.

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    I think you should get a different job that has steady income.

    I normally pay my rent near the end of each month. Sometimes I pay, for an extra month, but when I move then I don't know how I will be paying rent.

    It could be per month, or per year!

    Normally renters pay rent on the date that was agreed upon, so changing the dates like that isn't something that I would suggest, or recommend, for anyone to do.

    That looks like a late fee to me!

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    How to figure out a pro rated rent. Divide your rent by 30 then multiply that daily rate for the 5 days additional = the rent pro rated amount. Without knowing your rent I can't say, but if it's 420 it's correct (by reverse math). It would have been helpful if your landlord explained how he reached that figure.

    Curious, why would this question require anonymous?

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    You're right and wrong. If you get this in writing and your lease is being amended so that your move out date would now be the 20th instead of the 15th, then you need to pay for five more days - just once.  If your lease is not amended and you will still be terminating on the 15th of whatever month, then all that's changing is the payment date and you don't owe anything more.

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    Pay your rent a  month in advance and you wouldn't have to deal wih it !

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    "Free days" is not the right term, but you should have to pay for that up front.  You pay the 15th through the 14th right now.  Moving the day you pay him to the 20th means you are living there without paying for 5 days.  Sure you retroactively pay him for that period, but rent is always in advance.  The assumption is that 70 is 5 days worth of rent.  

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