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I have had a series of questions removed for no reason lately and this is continuing, even though I am posting annonymously what should i do?


Examle of a question below:

Did the Roman Empire have a similar scheme that the USA and EU has today of letting in "illegal immigrants" or even "slaves"?to take jobs away from Roman Citizens due to the fact they were willing to work much harder for cheaper?

Update 2:

The above question had several good answers and one was so good that I wanted to copy and paste it, but couldn't. Later it was removed. why is this continuing to happen? I have had i think 20 or more questions removed just this past week or so

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    Welcome to Yahoo. 

    Where multi-account  trolls can take down whatever they want, whenever they want by triggering automatic deletion software...........violation or not. 

    It's done to me on a near constant basis.........which is why I pretty much stopped asking questions.   Soon as my stalker sees them...........bam, they're gone. 

  • Unless you lost points it may not have been removed.  We can not see past the last 20 questions and answers we have made.  Verizon Media has everything screwed up now and we just have to wait and see what happen.

  • Daniel
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    The only thing you can do is If you Believe the Questions you are Posting are not Breaking any Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines Send in Appeals for them 

    If you win the Appeals then the person who is Reporting them will lose there Credibility next time they Report you

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the instructions from there 

  • SOT3
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    Just looking at what you gave here, you posted a "yes/no" question that was not asking for any facts. Then you posted the statement on the hot button issue of immigrants. Both reasons can get you reported for violating the rules. A proper version of your question would have been, "What were the schemes of the Roman Empire of letting in "immigrants" or even "slaves" to the Empire?". Ask for the facts and leave out the politics.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    People do maliciously report non violations on here 

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