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Is it normal to poop once or twice a month?

Hello. I poop only once a month or twice if it's a good month. Is this normal or healthy? Also every time I wipe it is 70% blood and around 30% of actual poop. The pooping itself is very bloody and painful. Is there a medicine to prevent this from happening? I tried going to the doctor and she asked to give me a sample of my feces. I entered the bathroom and proceeded to poop violently. After I finished and returned with the vile of poop, she asked if I was alright. I asked 'yes, why?'. She told me I was screaming and swearing when defecating. I told her it was usual. She told me to poop more often but I don't think that would be possible. Does anyone have any other methods of better pooping?

I appreciate any answers!

Thank you!


Edit: typo

The poop is 70% and the blood 30%. 

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    Did you ever vomit?

    I am finding it difficult to believe what you are saying. There are only 2 holes that poo can go out of. 1 between your legs, and well your mouth.

    I recently had surgery, and I could not go poo, for almost 1 week. I puked, so I don't understand how you never experienced the same problem as me, and no it was not a pretty sight to look at.

    I normally go poo maybe once every two to three days, but other people may go every day.

    Now I am able to go poo like normal, and thank goodness, for that.

    It seems like you are constipated, but I just find it unusual that you have not vomited.

    Are you taking drugs, or certain medicine that makes you constipated?

    If you are then I suggest you look, for an alternative option. Taking drugs, or certain medicine can relieve pain, but this won't solve you being constipated.

    I was constipated because I was taking certain medicine, but when I stopped taking it then my ability to go poo has returned back to normal.

    Lastly I agree with the Doctor. You should go poo more often. 70% blood, and 30% actual poo seems bad to me. Maybe if you had a little bit of blood then you would not have anything to be concerned about, but I think 70% blood is something to be concerned about.

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    It is not normal.  It is also not normal for it to be 70% blood.

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    3 weeks ago

    Why don't you just keep watching Faux News?  They'll probably have an answer for you shortly!

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yay, another poop troll.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    personal finance? Idiot troll.

  • Robert
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    3 weeks ago

    It is but only for a sloth

  • 3 weeks ago

    Troll alert. If you are not a troll...well people defecate DAILY, asswipe. You would literally be DEAD if you only dump twice a MONTH.

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