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If you could get rid of one US state, which one would it be and why?

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    I'm not sure that I'd technically "get rid" of any of them, but I might think about amalgamating some of them. In fact, redrawing a few state borders might not be such a bad idea. If I had to pick just one though, I think I'd get rid of Mississippi. I wouldn't throw it away, but I'd have it get absorbed by another state that could take over the governing of the place a bit better. Mississippi is always dead last in everything in the country - education, health, etc., so it might be better if it were run by somebody else, but the problem is that Mississippi borders only those states which are also pretty terrible like Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama, so who would you delegate to being in charge? I guess I'd transfer control to the state government of Vermont or something and hope things get better in a few years. 

    I also think it's high time that Americans decide what they want to do with their federal territories. I think Puerto Rico would be better off becoming part of an existing state rather than being admitted as a state on its own - it could possibly become part of Florida. And Guam and Saipan could become part of Hawaii. Just a thought. 

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    Given the massive willful stupidity in the South, let the former Confederacy go.

    Once they utterly fail and collapse, take them back in on probation. Which means no votes for them for 20 years, until they learn to stop being utter morons.

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    I would not get rid of any of them, but I might combine a few northeastern states into one state and save money on governors and other things.  Texas has counties bigger than Rhode Island.

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    I don't think North Dakota actually exists. Do you know of anyone from North Dakota? Would we miss it if it were gone? 

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    Interesting question with a lot of angles.  There's the pure political electoral college angle where you just pick the biggest state not aligned to your party of choice.  That puts CA and TX on the block.  I'd like to learn towards smaller states as well who have highly disproportionate power in the Senate.  

    Then there's the usefulness angle.  That's a tough one as some states are open and beautiful but don't have much else economically or even population wise.  Alaska has resources.  Hawaii has a location advantage in the middle of the Pacific. The northern middle states have resources. That leaves the southwest. 

    In the end, my quick shortlist would be New Mexico for usefulness and Rhode Island for political common sense.  NM offers little from a land or other standpoint.  It has some beauty in the north, but I'm not sure what else.  RI is the smallest and most over represented state in the Senate.  Really, though, any of the NE states aside from MA would make sense including Maine as it's an easy one to cut away.

    (Not a travel question.  More answers likely in Politics or such.)

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