What software can I purchase for my teen that is exceptionally good at Minecraft and wants to become an architect ? Please help !!?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    HP is a good brand i've allways bought HP and no problems

    okay you said software I think you mean what computer you have 2 choices laptop or desktop your best bet is a laptop they are easy to buy if you want a desktop to get a good one you have to build it newegg.com sells computer components that is usually were system builders go and i would have to give you a long list of components to buy that might not be in stock so I'm going to give you two choices on laptops both come from costco so pay $30 and get a years membership to costco.

    AMD processorhttps://www.costco.com/hp-17.3%22-touchscreen-lapt... Intel processorhttps://www.costco.com/hp-17.3%22-laptop---10th-ge...

    Source(s): experience and costco.com
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