Transgenderism in Sweden soars by 1500%. Do people realize that they are doing irreversible damage to children?

This is not like homosexuality. Homosexuals don't do any irreversible damage to their bodies. The damage caused by this trans propaganda and rushed transitioning is irreversible. While some gender dysphoria cases are real, many experts also cite other causes like social contagion and peer pressure that are causing an exponential increase in this phenomenon. Such studies and the ones talking about the harmful effects of puberty blockers are quickly suppressed by militant trans activists.

Before you say transgenders always existed but now feel emboldened to come out, do you have any past data for your claim? How do you know how many trans were in the closet in the past? 

The article says there are clinics in Sweden that is ok with gender reassignment to anyone who wants.

"....Indeed, the first clinic she approached refused to treat her, citing signs of schizotypal symptoms and LACK of a history of gender dysphoria. But the team at Karolinska (second clinic) went ahead. “Karolinska don’t stop anyone; virtually 100% get sex reassignment,” says Ring."


Teenage transgender row splits Sweden as dysphoria diagnoses soar by 1,500%

New health report and TV debates highlight backlash against gender reassignment


@ Clones - I blocked you for personal reasons. I have not blocked other trans users in this forum. They are free to answer this question. Look, Clones is conveniently ignoring the article in Psychology Today as conservative claptrap. This is the problem with radical trans activists like Clones. They don't give a **** about children who are harmed by this. Clones also dismisses the concerns expressed in the second link (from Guardian which is a LEFT-WING).

Update 2:

@ Anon - Nobody is saying they snatch up children for transition. But because of radical trans activism, clinics have changed the way they approach this issue. They are not thoroughly investigating the issue which might have other causes. Since LGBTs are a minority, it is now considered wrong to even explore other causes. Children who are left alone & aren't "affirmed" desist at rates over 80%. It is wrong to subject those children to puberty blockers & push them into transitioning.

Update 3:

You haven't addressed ANYTHING, Clones. You just dismiss everything as pseudoscience. This is why people like Clones are dangerous.

Update 4:

Bullshiit -- There are legitimate concerns expressed in the Guardian article about clinics that transition children without any history of Gender dysphoria. Clones, you are pathetic. I don't deny the existence of gender dysphoria in some children. But this trans activism is going overboard and is now playing with the lives of children.

Update 5:

@ Clones -- You LYING *. The article says there are clinics in Sweden that perform GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY for people with no history of gender dysphoria. This is one of the reasons I blocked you.  You are a liar.

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    4 weeks ago
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    The same thing is happening in the UK.

    North America is having the same problem but there's a total media blackout on talking about any of it. Go look up Johanna Olsen Kennedy out of the Children's Hosptial of Los Angeles. She gives testosterone to 8 year old "non-binary" girls. She performed a double mastectomy on a healthy TWELVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL. She makes Tavistock look over-cautious.

    When you bring up any of this w/ evidence, trans activists deny it's happening. They're in denial. They're wrong and have caused irreparable harm.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The Guardian is notoriously transphobic.  The usual practice is just to use puberty blockers, and if those are discontinued puberty continues as normal.  The same drugs are used to treat cancer in children, and to delay precocious puberty.  If a child is developing facial hair or breasts at the age of four, what are you going to do?  Just let it happen or help them?  Same thing.

  • Craig
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    4 weeks ago

    Why are you so militant about this?  Are you trans?  What's it got to do with you?  Is it infringing upon your enjoyment of your property or something?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Interesting, but what do you suggest? I think it would be good to not let children transition and make sure people who transition in general are completely sure about it first. I will say it also shouldn't be limited to people with gender dysphoria only, but it should still be a thing people think on first and should have an age limit, I imagine.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Can I get a link from the actual source? Not just the news article. I admit I didn't look very hard but I couldn't find it. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You know as hard as I've looked, and I've look quite hard, I've been unable to find anyone from trans mafia, let alone anyone standing around snatching up children for transition, I can't find anyone foring anyone into anything, except for the religious right forcing lgbt children into the fraudulent harmful practice of religious conversion therapy, it really sounds as if the right needs to see their physicist and have your meds adjusted.



    "1,500% rise between 2008 and 2018 in gender dysphoria diagnoses among 13- to 17-year-olds born as girls"

    From your article, what a meaningless a sensationalizing number 1,500%, it doesn't have any numbers behind it, transgender vs , nonbinary, transsexaul, ect., or how many people medically transition vs socially transition, or detransition AND at what stage of transition and why.

    You do know that a gender dysphoria diagnosis is a universal term, an umbrella term, which has many sub categories under it, which are far more relevant to your discussion.

    You know if your really cared about these people, you'd have VERIFIABLE statistics, YOUR professional interpretation of those statistics (including your documented education in trans health), and bring that information to the attention of the people incharge.  Short of that you are just stoking a culture war, harming the very people that you claim to care about, which is what I suspect your intention is.

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