If humans are 99.9% identical, how are we so different ? -If you know, please help un-watch?

This question has been confusing me for the longest time, but I never really made an effort to understand, so here I am.

I don't understand how I can be 99.9% identical to a friend when every physical feature between us is different. I have curly hair she has straight hair, I am 5'9 she is 5'5, I have brown eyes , she has hazel, I have smaller bones and less muscle and she has wider bones and a lot of muscle... how is our genetic data so similar ?

The DNA that we both have exact copies of, what does it code for ?

And I recently learnt that a polymorphic gene is a gene which has more than one allele in the population.. doesn't this mean that the 0.1% of genes that make us unique are all polymorphic ?

The gene that codes for eye colour is polymorphic , true ?

Is an example of the gene that is not polymorphic the gene that codes for RNA polymerase ?

3 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    99.9% defines a human being (homo sapiens).  The remaining 0.1% accounts for lots and lots of personal characteristics.

  • 4 weeks ago

    We're not so different, and you just demonstrated that.  You and your friend both have hair.  You both have eyes.  You both have bones.  That's just a start.  The DNA codes for us to have two eyes, to have bones, and to have hair, but also to have a heart and lungs and a brain and fingers and and that's just the big stuff.  Most of our DNA codes for microscopic stuff like the enzymes in our stomachs.

  • Damien
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    4 weeks ago

    we look different because of what we eat and drink. Anyone who drinks alcohol and does drugs will look 50 yrs old while being 25, anyone who's never touched that stuff will look young and not age as fast. When u eat lots of pork and pizza , u look like roseanne, when u eat clean looking food like chicken and rice, u look good.Also those who are obsessed with getting muscles and getting bigger will age faster, those who are thin wont age as fast.YOU ARE WHAT U EAT.

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