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How to prevent bed bugs in new apartment?

I am moving across the country from the East Coast to the West Coast for graduate school. For logistical reasons, I could not travel to look at apartments. I worked with an apartment finder agency and I set up multiple virtual tours before finding this apartment. After I signed the lease which was legally binding, I found out the property previously had beg bugs. The apartment I'm about to move into is vacant which I thought would likely mean bug free. But now I've read about bed bugs and that they can survive 4-6 months without food and easily travel from unit to unit. Legally, they aren't supposed to be renting units that still have bed bugs but now I'm very nervous. I've bought a brand new mattress, box spring, and upholstered bed frame for the apartment. My plan is to have an exterminator come out for a free bed bug inspection before moving any furniture in. I also plan on buying an encasement for the mattress and box spring so in the event there are ever bed bugs, it will protect them from burrowing inside. I also paid extra for up to $500 in bed bug protection when I purchased my renter's insurance. Is there anything else I could do? 

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    that hotel impossible show is NEGLIGENT...i have actually done the research, building behind me had a problem,

    bed bugs travel through walls, without prompt treatment, it is estimated that half of the apartments will be infested..the empty one is likely bug free, but  if they are in the building, once there is a meal source, they may come looking for you.  Likely will not find anything at this point....but you can have a preventative treatment if they show up, they will die and you can hopefully catch it quick.

    room temp max is about 5 months, if its hot they die sooner, very cold, a year, rarely 18 months.

      there are also couch covers, get a bed frame that you can put intercepters (spritzed with pesticide) under so they can't get to you.  make sure bed doesn't touch any walls/furniture....hang curtains, use a cheap blanket if nothing else, especially the windows closest to your bed.  treat them with pesticide (pyrethroid resistant formula--home depot had a product for about $15)...i think you need to re treat every 2 weeks

    you can also sprinkle diameticous earth...out it on the intercepters once the pestcide is dry.

    and inspect freqently.

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    No insurance company sells bed Bug protection.    OMG!   I would like to know which insurance agent or company sold you that, if that is even possible. 

    I have been an insurance agent forever.  Never heard of bed bug insurance.    But could be.    Let me know which company sold it to you.    It is EXCLUDED on your renters insurance.  I am interested to know. 

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    How much did you pay for $500 insurance.

    It seems like a scam.  $500 isn't going to replace much.

    From watching hotel impossible -- bed bugs are usually confined to the room or a couple on either side.  You don't see them on full hotel floors or all over the hotel.

    No way would I rent a place in 2020 without seeing it first hand.

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