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Is it true turbulent gas cloud emissions of covid are the main cause of this respiratory transmitted pathogen, can stay airborne for hours?

You'd have to believe that many of those who protested and rioted didn't have a chance.


@curtisports2: I think turbulent gas cloud emissions of covid have got into your melon.

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    OMG the 'loonies' are out in force within Yahoo.  For goodness sake, leave your electronic gadgets and go for a long walk outside, but don't forget your sun hat, sun glasses and huge bottles of water, we don't need you returning and unleashing your sun stroke brains on us.

    The only gas emissions are those that come from your posterior, where you've eaten too much junk food and drunk too much sugar laden carbonated beverages.

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    It's true that it's possible.  It's a theory, not a proven fact.

    But here's the kick: Coronavirus is a virus, and viruses can mutate any time.  It's probably not airborne right now, but that could change next week.

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    Only if they come from farts

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    it could be true

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No.  Maybe turbulent gas cloud emissions of the VIRUS could be a cause of superspreader events...

    But COVID is the disease caused by the virus, not the virus. You can't directly spread COVID...just the virus. Not everyone who is around the virus becomes infected with COVID.

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