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Natural remedies for hair loss/hair thinning at a young age? 19?

Hi, Im 19 years old and I've noticed my hair has been gradually getting thinner and has been falling out quite a bit. My hairline is receding and I'm also balding from my crown area. My dad is also bald from his crown area although it may be genetics I still feel I am too young to experience this. It makes me so insecure. I've decided to cut my hair really short (buzz cut) so I was wondering if there is anything I could put on my hair to improve my hair thickness and fall out as my hair will be very short and it'll be easier for the remedies to reach my scalp. I wanted to know if there are any natural hair remedies for hair thickness and hair fallout which I could cook up and make myself. I really don't want to use any shop brought products as I don't feel comfortable adding a bunch of chemicals to my head. Please share any suggestions, it would be much appreciated!! Thank you!!!

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    There are no natural remedies, not any that work. The only known remedies are Rogaine and Propecia. If it's not one or the other, it won't work. Rogaine helps grow back hair you've lost. Propecia keeps you from losing it in the first place. 

    At your age and in your situation, Propecia is what you want. It's one tiny pill a day. It is effective in 80% of men. It's not snake oil. It's actual medicine. It's been vetted and proven by independent medical researchers and by the FDA. You need a prescription from your doctor for it. For as long as you take it, if you are among the 80%, it will stave off hair loss. When you quit taking it, hair loss begins to set in again.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE. There are a thousand and one shampoos and scalp rubbers and other nonsense out there, but none of them work, despite their claims, despite their claims that some doctor or doctors said it does. It's all rip off. There are only two things that are actually scientifically proven to work, and they are Propecia and Rogaine.

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