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Would you keep the “scrap paper” from a project? ?

For example, if you make a poem and write down everything and then organize it into a poem, would you keep the “sketch sheet” in case anyone tries to accuse you of stealing or plagiarism...? 

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    Since many inspirations haved arrive

    when I have been on the hoof, so to speak,

    I often jotted  down some lines upon whatever scraps of paper are around

    then I have stashed them until they could be developed.

    It is not about plagiarism, but about the muse.

    A time ago, putting some here ending with the date

    was a form  a form of copyright

    but it seems no longer to be in vogue.

    It might depend upon whether I am into a specific scrap or otherwise.

    Plus, you can have stuff on a flash-frive

    which you post to yourself or to a trusted ally

    which remains unopened,

    thereby, if you see (extracts of) your poem


    you have  proof of copyright .

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    That's how I usually do it.

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    It can't hurt to have a file folder of earlier drafts, although I have no feel for how often plagiarism charges come up in poetry.

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