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I have no foot arches, Will losing weight fix my flat feet?

I am 22 and 5’1 and 202 pounds.if I shed 72 pounds will my feet be smaller.I am size

9W.I notice when I try to buy shoes in 8.5w size it is still to tight(I gained 40-50 pounds from last year)my feet is flat and no arches.will losing weight make me gain arches or see a foot specialist. also I only wear flimsy flip flops which gives no support to my feet.I hate wearing closed shoes because I always get corns or rashes on the pinky toe of my feet.

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    Losing weight will ease the pressure on your feet, some people do find their shoe size going down with weight loss, some don't. If you get corns or rashes, you aren't wearing the right size shoe, I would go to a good shoe store, get properly fitted and invest in some quality shoes. 

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