Do you believe in unidentified flying objects & that they could have helped build the pyramids?

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    ufos are real.. thats why they are called UNIDENTIFIED.  you mean little green men in flying saucers i assume...  no there is no other lifeform outside of earth.. 

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    1) Do you believe in unidentified flying objects

    Yes, of course.

    There's no way to dispute that some flying objects

    in fact, lots of flying objects

    have never been identified.

    2) & that they could have helped build the pyramids?

    Not unless they can travel back in time.

  • 1 month ago

    I think that you are asking if I believe that aliens started their jouney from the edge of our Milkyway galaxy (not much farther in another galaxy).  Our galaxy is 105,700 light years across (that is, it takes like 105,700 years to travel across it at the speed of light).  After traveling over 100,000 years to get here, using awesome technology that allows them to travel at nearly the speed of light, they teach stone aged humans how to build a pyramid of stone, and don't leave behind any high tech artifacts.  However, some ancient relics do seem to represent astronauts.  I think that the pyramids were built by mankind, and there is a carving of them building pyramids with long ropes, and dragging on skids with people pouring a lubricant to slide the blocks.  No aliens are shown in these carvings.

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  • 1 month ago

    UFO's are real in that there are flying objects that have not been identified.  However there is no reason to think that they might be alien in origin and absolutely no reason to think that aliens had anything to do with the construction of the pyramids.  I suppose if you don't pay attention to what we've learned about how the pyramids were built you might think that aliens are a reasonable guess, but once you learn the facts, there is no reason to consider aliens as a possibility.

  • 1 month ago

    UFOs are plausible but there's no evidence that they were instrumental in pyramid construction.

  • 1 month ago

    Of course...I've seen one.

    As far as "the theory" you put forth...I think ancient cultures have had contact with some strange things...whether they are "space aliens" or if they taught them anything or not is just a matter of conjecture at this point.

    We may never know what happened in the past.

    The future is another matter.

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    John Popelish

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    Sumer and Egypt sprang up at the same time out of nowhere. So.... it's plausible mankind had foreign help.

    Sumerians depicted rockets in their tablets.

    Something that didn't exist then.

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