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Am I dumb?

I am not a genius but I am not that dumb either. My whole everybody considers me dumb. I don't know why is this, english is not my first language and I learn it by myself, I used to clean in a hotel and got into trade school and became an electrician, now I install fire alarms and make good money. I read a lot, I catch on things quick, I like video games that make think and solve problems, I can fix things but this treatment is getting to my self esteem, my friends, family, my girlfriend all treat me like an idiot, one thing I am very anxious sometimes I think that's why. I never get praised for anything, I don't want a parade but when I achieve something they attribute it to something else, is never my strength, my intellect or any of my skills is always some outside factor is never me. The only people that have told me I'm smart are my coworkers on fire safety. At the hotel I was consider dumb even though I was one of the best employees. When I finished school I was told that is for smart people and if I passed it means I did all right or I got asked you do know they're gonna test you? or I fix something in my girlfriend's house she's condescending towards me that it was hard for me. I makes sad honestly.

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  • amy
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    1 month ago

    heads up people dont like smart people. People in general are insecure about their intellegence. They praise themselves on being above average when their not and so when someone smarter comes along they dont like it. I learn this in grade 10. Playing dumb got me a lot friends. However most werent true friends as I went on to achieve things after school they basically hen pecked me for it. i obviously dont talk to tem any more. Friends support you and help celebrate your achievements they dont drag you down.

  • Tasm
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    1 month ago

    People are like that. I have a degree in computer science. My family ask me what computer is best and I give them the answer and all the reasons, then they ignore my advice and ask the expert..the in-store sales person at Best Buy. 

    Sometimes people will put you down like you are an idiot because they can not comprehend what you know. I have advanced degrees, but my mom treats me like I can barely read. Some people! Just have to ignore all that and know your worth.

  • 1 month ago

    i dont think so

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