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Spiritually speaking, how do ER doctors choose who to give CoVid19 patients Remdesivir and who to let die?


Since it's in such short supply

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    who would trust any of them anyway

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    ANSWER:  To make it a truely random and accurate test, test subjects have to be chosen randomly (perhaps by a computer).  ///////////////////KILLING PEOPLE TO GET SUPER ACCURATE RESULTS:  It is called a "double blind study" and it has a group who do receive Remdesivir and a group who does not (called the control group).  The control group is given a placebo (sugar meds).  The control group has no help at all, and in order to be in the study they have to agree not to try any other possible cure.  So, they will live or die from COVID with no help.  COVID stats vary from location to location and race to race.  We could argue that roughly 6% die from COVID once they get it, unless they have complications (heart or diabetes) then 12% will die.  Russian Roulette (putting a bullet in a six shooter, spinning the barrel, and randomly shooting into your head) has odds of 1/6 or 16.6666%.  So odds of surviving COVID are about the same as Russian Roulette.  I think that statistical trials could be done without a control group (that is, without certainly killing a lot of people).  We already know that COVID without meds has certain odds of death, why bother proving it again and again.  Sure the double blind study could have slightly more accuracy if we kill a lot of people, but it really isn't worth it.////////////REDESIVIR:  Remdesivir has already been studied, with lackluster results.  After a group of patients has had COVID for 11 days, 68% feel a little better with Remdesivir.  Remdesivir was an early choice of China, and Russia followed suit after they tested it.  It is not nearly as promising as some other vaccines that are currently being researched by other companies.

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    Rock, paper, scissors...

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    If they don't wear a mask or have a card saying they dont have to wear a mask they are left to die. I encouraged it. Why save people who dont act responsible.

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    Why waste it on someone who was born before the invention of the motorcar...

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    We don't have to choose.  Also, we don't give it to ER patients, we give it to admitted patients who test positive and have severe symptoms.  Unfortunately, like most current treatments, it does not seem to make much difference.

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