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Why am I shedding so much hair?

I am a 17 year old male. I literally cannot talk to anyone I know about this because they think im overreacting. I have always had very thick hair, as I am Italian. I was that kid that was always running his hands through his hair and all that. And of course, there was times when I would lose some strands. This especially happened when it was dry. I never gave it a second thought. However, there was a two month period this year (from like April to June" in which I wore hats every single day. Also, I live in Florida, and it is very hot around Springtime. Anyway, i finally stopped wearing hats after i felt as if strands were coming off way easier. I havent wore a hat from like 3 weeks, but thing havent gotten better. I still have a full set of hair, my hairline has not receded, and there is no baldspots or thinning on the top. You cant see my scalp unless I show it to you. But I literally am afraid to take showers nowadays because everytime I run the comb thtough my hair I see 10-15 strands. The last time i took a shower I was literally covered in my own hair. Why in the world are these strands coming out so easy? Trust me when I say they never did this before. Could it be because of the 2 month period wearing hats all day? Or maybe because I lost so much weight at once (I was like 190 in September and am now closer to 140)? Or am I going bald? 

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    It is normal to shed 50-100 hairs each day. 

    Wearing a hat, combing your hair, showering, is NOT going to cause hair loss.

    20lbs or more weight loss can, stress can, a high fever can cause hair loss more than normal. Your body can readjust and stop shedding excess hair with  six months 

    You can go to the dermatologist.  They can diagnose you. There are some medications for hair loss.

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    It could also be you've developed a new allergic reaction to something you eat. I use to eat nuts and wheat all my life then suddenly one day out of no where i started having an alergic reaction to them to where when i eat them my hair falls out. Also I notice when i cook my own organic food my hair does fine but when i eat out my hair falls out. 

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