what happens if your roommate moves out without a notice and there is no lease?


Ok, I guess I should add more. I am paying a mortgage on my house, and I had a friend who was paying me rent, and he moved out with no notice. He paid up 1 month (I believed at the time it was a gift due to financial troubles), but he moved out when I was at a Dr.'s appt July 1st, and didn't give a minutes notice. He now wants his month paid back. 

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    In most states the law recognizes tenancy agreements without a lease as "at will" tenancies.  At will tenancies are determined by the established frequency rent has been paid.  For example if paid on a monthly basis, a month's written notice is required to end the tenancy.  If paid weekly, a week's notice, etc..  

    When a tenant moves out without notice the landlord has good cause to sue for the unpaid month, or in your case to keep the upfront month paid.  Also when the tenant stays even a single day of the month, the tenant assumes liability for rent the entire month giving you two legal reasons for refusing to refund his money.  But then again, good friends are often more valuable than the value of a month's rent.

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    You look for a replacement roommate and give your friend back whatever the new roommate pays in the month of July.

    Otherwise the money given by the original roommate is rent in lieu of notice. 

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    We have no idea what state you are in.

    What are the notice requirements for a verbal month to month lease in your city/state?

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    nothing happens - u continue paying for the whole place yourself if u re on the lease. if there is no lease at all - u continue living your life until the owner of place gets another room mate for u

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    Then you get to pay all the rent yourself. What do you think will happen?

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    There is ALWAYS a lease, if you have paid rent.  A lease does not have to be written.  If your roommate moves out, then it's your place now - not sharing with someone else.

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    there is always a lease, absent a written lease there is a verbal month to month lease....you are free to sue roommate for her share

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