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Is it mean-spirited for a person to hope that the mom of spoiled child will die before her boyfriend so her spoiled son won’t get her estate?

Let’s say a woman’s only child is sassy toward her, but he never hit her, cursed at her, or stole from her, and never arrested/incarcerated.  All of his life, he stayed out of trouble, fortunately graduated high school, works full time, and has his own place and car.  Therefore, his only fault is that he’s sometimes disrespectful to his mother.  This causes a lot of his extended family and surrogate family to gossip and resent him so much, despite the fact that he’s not a troublemaker and that his mother now lives comfortably thanks to her son not having baby mama drama nor multiple arrests (thus bail money and child support that could’ve put her in the poorhouse).  So, suppose his mother (who’s been single all his life; his father went AWOL) suddenly meets a nice man.  Would it be wrong and disgusting for a family member to hope that her boyfriend/husband outlives her and also hopes she left her estate to her boyfriend, thus her spoiled son not getting her “nest egg” (she had a VERY well-paying job and contributed the max to her 401(k), and the family is well-aware how comfortable she lives.  Is it wrong if one of them hopes her smart-a$$ son doesn’t get her estate?  Isn’t that jealousy, besides bitterness and harm toward his mother for the sake of laughing in his face (“ha ha, you’re not getting your mom’s money, you spoiled brat”).  And does he deserve all that hate when he’s not a thug, thief of killer.  Yes, Honor thy mother and father.  But is his family being harsh?

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  • Pearl
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    it sounds mean to me

  • Tj
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    4 weeks ago

    Family can be nasty hateful people. Just because they are family, does not mean they are good people. I stay away from all of my family. They have no reason to know about me.  Its what ever mom wants in the end.  Her BF has NO rights to her estate, the son has 100% rights to it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Here is the situation:

    1)  The relationship between this only child and his mother is totally of their own making.  The mother has encouraged and tolerated the disrespect of her child and he has met her expectations.  This is none of your business and this is the EXACT relationship that this mother and son want with each other....otherwise she would correct this behavior a LONG TIME AGO!

    2)  Her son will inherit as her will directs.  Certainly a boyfriend has NO CLAIM on her private assets and even a new husband could not inherit if her will left everything to her only son.

    3)  Bottom line:  This is none of the family;s business and it doesn't involve them.

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