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How to tell if he has a girlfriend or either he’s not that into me?

There’s this guy ive been talking to for quite sometime, I don’t want to be in a relationship w him I just wanna chill, sex you know be friends, I’ve been to his house a couple times spent the night he’s even left me there why he went to work, but the fact that he rarely calls or texts me doesn’t sit right w me. Lol he seems excited when we’re together. I don’t like him like that but he’s cool. He tells me that he likes me and etc but he don’t give me much attention, I don’t give him much attention either I guess but now that I want to he still doesn’t engage. 

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    It's really hard to decide to "take seriously" a gal who has been having just sex with you and doesn't really like you all that much. It seems you're bored. You're not in love. So you're bored and you want him to entertain you. On demand. Not happening. Whether he has a gf or not is likely immaterial. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you just want fwb there really isn’t a whole lot of texting and convo that comes with that. Usually any texting or convo is just plans to meet up. Kind of confused... you want a guy who you’re not really interested in being with to pay more attention to you?? 🧐

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    He can't read your mind. As far as he is concerned, you two are on the same page and happy with your arrangement as it is. You have done nothing that should make him think otherwise. Make up your mind about what you really want and tell him what needs to change.

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    You don't want a relationship, just chill ,sex and friend, then you say it doesn't sit right with you that he rarely calls or texts. You are living proof that women are effing retarded.

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