2 Questions. Portable hardrive issue & unsuccessful blue screen shutdown on my Windows 7 machine.?

Hi all. I've got two questions about tech issues I hope you can help me with.

1. Most worrying. I removed a hardrive from my old Acer laptop and moved it into a portable HD case. I've now plugged it into my Optiplex 7010 machine running Win 7 and I can hear the hardrive working plus the light loading. But when going to my computer it states 'System Reserved' and when clicking on the drive its blank. The amount of data used though shows it has my files still on there. What's happened to my drive. I can't afford to lose these files. It keeps asking to make use of this drive a format is needed. But if I do this I'll lose my data. How can I get around this to access my files.

2. Once I connected my portable hardrive to the computer after discovering the above I went to safely remove it but the hardrive just kept working and Windows said it couldn't eject it due to it still being in use by another program? So I decided to shut down my computer so that would turn the HD off. The shut down though took ages performing. Due to trying to stop the HD I guess? Then a blue screen appeared saying a unsuccessful shutdown had occurred. Then Windows rebooted normally. I then had to shut it down a second time just to disconnect the HD. Will my computer be OK after this crash or will it have serious problems down hardware wise? 

Any info or support on these two problems would be greatly appreciated.

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