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Bridesmaids dress colors ?

My wedding dress is a black gown and my fiancee's dress color is a dark red gown. 

We don't know what either of our bridesmaids dress colors should be. Neither of us are fond of white, but we're willing to make either of our bridesmaids dresses that color if it's what you guys suggest. 

Our theme is gothic and romantic (I'm goth and she's a hopeless romantic) our colors are black and red 


Why does it matter if we're "ditching" tradition? It's our wedding and we've never envisioned ourselves dressed in white. What's so bad about that? 

Update 2:

@Trish ~ Yes it's a lesbian wedding and guess what? Just because we're also Christians doesn't mean that we're automatically going to turn straight 🙄🤦 we're not interested in men nor will we ever be. Maybe learn that not everyone is going to be straight 

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    I think silver would be very pretty.  Depending on your dresses, it could be a bright silver shade or a slightly darker platinum.  I personally don't have a problem with them wearing white, either.  About 10 years ago I was at a wedding where the bride wore black and the attendants were in white.  It's not like we got confused.

    Other colors are problematic.  Black and red is so iconic that bringing in a 3rd separate color seems like it would kill your vibe.

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    Hey, hey  hey...stop defending your sexuality to ignorant people!

    If you both like florals, why not try to find floral dresses with shades of dark red or even a black/white/gray floral print with a dark red sash. Even white dresses with a dark red or black sash with dark red flowers would be lovely. Think outside of the box.

    Good luck.

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    Semiconscious - Why according to you won't it look like a wedding? Not every bride likes the color white. 

    I'd go with pale colors such as pink or pale blue 

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    I would not put the bridesmaids in white, even if the two of you are not wearing white.  I would go with a pale color - maybe pink or rose for the bridesmaids.

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    How about emerald green for the bridesmaids. Emeralds symbolize a steadfast bond. 

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    sooo a*s backwards....

    if you don't wear white, don't makes the bridesmaids wear white. that's so confusing...

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    Why not shop for dresses that are red and black?  then they will match you both

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    Sounds amazing! I think the general idea with bridesmaids is to have them dressed in similar attire to the couple being married. I don't mean they have to wear the same clothing, but more in similar colours or complimentary colours. When I got married my bridesmaids wore black and purple. 

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    If you're going to so totally ditch the traditional attire anyway, what difference does it make?  It won't even look like a wedding, but that shouldn't bother you.

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