if people where you live have a unfavorable perception of you, what should you do?

like i have no real proof, other than how people locally behave towards me...which is strange i think,  people laugh when i walk past sometimes, especially women....people/strangers look at me in a familiar way, when they don't know me......and i feel many people try to bully me when i go out in public, just by the vibes they give off towards me....which seem to me to be unfavorable, negative and disapproving.

i think that people are trying their best to get a 'rise' out of me.

i do struggle with paranoia as a man in my forties, but im intelligent as well, and can tell when people are doing wrong to me, im not stupid.

to describe me; im bald, have a big mustache, are 6ft 1, are brown olive skinned with ancestry origins from spain, i live in the uk, as i was born here....i like to wear black hoodies and jeans.

anyway, id appreciate any help with my problems with people, many thanks.

i don't want to lose control of my emotions and have anymore outbursts...like i used to long ago in public, when i got attacked and humiliated.......i know i must keep control of my conduct at all times in spite of how people treat me.

any help???

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  • 3 months ago
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    OK. You don't know what is going on in a persons mind, or what is going on in their lives that they may be thinking about when you pass by. In instances like that - it actually happens that people don't even 'see' you - because they're so focused on what they're thinking!  When you go out, just smile and nod your head - but keep walking. this gives the impression of being 'friendly/polite' but with somewhere to go.

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