if people where you live have an unfavorable perception of you, what should you do?

like i have no real proof, other than how people locally behave towards me...which is strange i think, people laugh when i walk past sometimes, especially women....people/strangers look at me in a familiar way, when they don't know me......and i feel many people try to bully me when i go out in public, just by the vibes they give off towards me....which seem to me to be unfavorable, negative and disapproving.

i think that people are trying their best to get a 'rise' out of me.

i do struggle with paranoia as a man in my forties, but im intelligent as well, and can tell when people are doing wrong to me, im not stupid.

to describe me; im bald, have a big mustache, are 6ft 1, are brown olive skinned with ancestry origins from spain, i live in the uk, as i was born here....i like to wear black hoodies and jeans.

anyway, id appreciate any help with my problems with people, many thanks.

i don't want to lose control of my emotions and have anymore outbursts...like i used to long ago in public, when i got attacked and humiliated.......i know i must keep control of my conduct at all times in spite of how people treat me.

any help???

2 Answers

  • Prince
    Lv 5
    4 weeks ago

    You should pay extreme attention to your breath and dental hygiene and body smells and make certain you are super clean and smell good. Make sure your clothes and home are clean. Practis the best manners and be extremely tuned in to British women, their desires and wants and needs . . . because what you most need is a really English girlfriend to give you status. It's worth doing everything in the world for her because she can make you an acceptable man. Look good for her and smell good, work out and dress right. Act right. Just make sure you pick a good quality nice Englishwoman who will fix the problem for you.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    My advice no one on here will be able to give you a suitable answer you are best seeking some medical professional advice.

    Not sure if it's just within England but see if you have a local open mind and do a self-referral they should be able to signpost you to the correct places.

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