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Is blood (family) thicker than water (friends)?

I have a 'best friend' and we had a mutual decision to be each other's sisters. In other words, we are like sisters to each other. But I've noticed many things different between her actions, words, behaviours towards me vs. that of my own sister's. There is a big issue with reciprocation between us, because I do so much for this friend but she doesn't do those things back, like my real sister does. She is very kind and helpful, but common things that other friends do, she doesn't, even though I do them for her. Does this prove that blood is thicker than water, and no matter what, even a best friend is just a friend and not a sister? Thanks.

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    No it doesn’t prove “blood is always thicker than water” this proves you have a one sided friendship. And in your personal experience blood is thicker than water, but not everyone has that same experience. 

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    The saying is ACTUALLY "The blood of the covenent is thicker than the water of the womb"...     The meaning is that a good friendship can sometimes be closer or more trustworthy than your own kin.

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