Those of you out there who live in a hostile or uncomfortable  environment, is it possible for you to post here when and if you need any ?

If you ever need any kind of help, do you know what to do? 

I'll begin with input and others can use this site as a catalyst to throw information on various households.

If you are young or feel vulnerable  or scared or are tempted to run away because you live in a household with Grandparents or Aunt , or sibling and someone in that household makes you feel uncomfortable and you don't know what to do,  begin by keeping very good records of what's going on in the household.  Verbal or physical attacks, locking up of humans or children in closets or rooms for elongated periods of time, putting you to be without food.  Do not live like this in fear or hunger.  Contact someone either through social web sites or religious sites or churches .  Make sure you can trust who you are revealing all your information to.  

But do not allow physical or hard mental abuse on you or your siblings or an elder in the household...

What else can we do to help those who feel cornered or as though there is no way out and suffer from depression because of the abuse. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Quite an odd post there Bub. I would steer clear of this fisherman folks.

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