How many grams of fluorine gas occupy 543.2 mL and expect 123456 Pa of pressure at 29.8 degrees Celsius?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    We know that the Ideal gas equation is PV =nRT

    Where,P =Pressure exerted by the gas

                v =volume

                n= number of moles

                R =Universal gas constant

                T =Temperature in kelvin

    The molar mass of F2 molecule is 37.99 g/mol

    The temperature T =29.8 degree celsius =302.8 k

    Volume =543.2 mL =0.5432 L

    PRESSURE =123456 Pa =1.218 atm

    So,according to PV =nRT ,(n =mass/molar mass)

                              PV =(mass/molar mass) * 0.0821atm*302.8 k

           so,mass =(PV*Molar mass) / (0.0821*302.8 k )

                          =(1.218 atm *0.543L *37.99g/mol) / (0.0821 atm *302.8 k)

                           =1.01 g

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