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If you dye your previously bleached hair brown will the brown fade back to the bleached hair color?

I am worried my brown (previously bleached blonde) hair will turn brassy orange & I’m wondering if I should buy purple shampoo & conditioner? Please help with my two questions! Thanks! 😩

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    3 weeks ago

    Bleached hair is fragile and porous. A more common problem is that bleached hair soaks up more dye than unbleached hair and brown dye can end up black and it doesn't wash out. Many girls end up staining their hair way too dark and can't get the dye out.

    When darkening previously bleached hair choose a brown shade carefully. It's best to go lighter than you think you want because it will turn out darker than the picture on the box. If you use a permanent drug store dye on bleached hair there's little risk of it washing out. Don't use purple shampoo, that's for blonde. Look for a brown enhancing shampoo, I believe John Freida makes color enhancing shampoo and conditioner. 

    A salon would use a demi permanent glaze type color. It coats the hair with color and enhances shine. These glazes can be used every 6 to 8 weeks and they don't damage the hair. When used with a brown enhancing shampoo your fragile bleached hair looks shinier and healthier, not dull and bleach damaged.

  • I can't predict that, I don't know how the bleach will react with the dye you've used. Also you may need a few rounds of bleaching your hair, if you dyed it dark brown.If it does go brassy use a hair toner, I think they work better then purple shampoos and conditioners. Also use a deep conditioner after bleaching and after toning your hair. 

  • Jake
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    It’s easier to dye lighter hair darker colors then vice versa. You should be fine. Platinum blonde hair is so overrated. You’ll thank your roots later.

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